Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comparing Unmentionables

I like to comparison shop, especially with products like t-shirts, make-up, and underwear. I like understand what makes some t-shirts worth $80 and others worth $10. I grasp the idea that the quality of construction and material make a huge difference, but really $80 for a t-shirt kinda blows my mind. Is it really that much better than a $10 or $20 t-shirt or just slightly better, or alternately not better at all but because X designer produces it the cost is justifiable?

Generally all I can do is wonder because I am unable to procure these pricier items for a true comparison. But occasionally I'll find something on deep discount (which, again, confuses me as to how these items can really cost what they do) and am afforded an opportunity for some comparing. Hence, the following example: Hanky Panky versus Target's Gilligan & O'Malley thongs. I bought a 3-pack of the Hanky Panky thongs at for $19.99 a couple months ago. These thongs generally retail for about $18 each . I then purchased 3 pairs of Gilligan & O'Malley which were on sale for I believe $3 which looked pretty similar to the Hanky Pankys.

The Comparison:

G&O- Runs large. I bought size small, it was a little loose. The line does not carry x-small.
HP: One size fits all, fit me perfect.

G&O- 100% nylon, made in the USA has held up fine after many washes. No fraying, fading, or sagging.
HP: 100% nylon, made in the USA, and ditto.

G&O- The fit makes it so I'm slightly more aware that I have them on, but not overly uncomfortable.
HP: Very comfortable

G&O: 3 pairs for $9, on sale
HP: 3 pairs for $19.99, on sale (offer no longer current)

If I could always buy Hanky Panky at that price it would be hands down Hanky Panky. But since that offer was for only specific colors and no longer available, not to mention I'd have to pay shipping, I'd have to lean towards Gilligan & O'Malley. I think for an inexpensive alternative to Hanky Panky, Gilligan & O'Malley is a great choice. They hold up remarkably well after washing; I've had Victoria Secret thongs similar to Hanky Panky basically fall apart after one wash. I think if G&O made sizing changes, or introduced a x-small size I'd probably never buy Hanky Panky even on sale. And thus concludes the longest blog post on underwear, ever.

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