Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little late for a dress like this, but...

For a DIY version of the $98 Gypsy 05 dress my equation is as follows:

Vogue 8386 Pattern ($10) + Organic Fabric from Emma One Sock ($13.75 per yard x 2.75 yards) + RIT dye ($3.99 per bottle x 2 bottles- Kelly Green and Royal Blue mixed to make turquoise) = $55.79, plus or minus

The bonuses:
You now have the pattern, so you can make more of this dress in various colors
You probably have enough dye left to make a Kelly Green dress and a Royal Blue dress

So, with buying an additional 5.5 yards of the same fabric ($75.62) you get 3 dresses for $131.41 (less if you want to deviate from the higher end fabric), rather than 3 for $294.

For an even closer version, see this lovely lady's post on how to create twisted straps using Vogue 8386.

Or you could just wait for Forever21 to make a knock-off but where's the fun in that?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall wishes/desires/inspirations

Finally, the cooler, crisper weather is upon us here in northern New England, and a girl can't help but be drawn to cozy knits and crafty projects, which lend themselves so well to early evenings and cool temperatures. Nothing seems more cheerful and homey to me than something baking in the oven, me sitting on the futon knitting or crocheting (or at least trying to), Husband doing schoolwork, and a chill in the air. To me that beats sweating trying to cook supper and the inescapable heat and humidity of the summer months. Here are some things I've been thinking about doing to welcome the change of the season:

This is a bit Spring-y, but a sweater nonetheless from Anthropologie :

But rather than spend the $98, I'd like to try this
tutorial from Erica Makes Stuff.

More inspiration: pattern picture on the left, Diane Von Furstenberg on the right

The pattern for the green shrug is from Berroco. It tickled me pink to find the exact same mannequin pose for the pattern and the inspiration!