Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I like big picture books

I stumbled across this book in doing some google searching for costume making (see prior post) and the cover had my attention instantly. Fortunately, the library had it so I didn't have to continue my recent trend of spending way too much money on books. This book has the most intense pictures of clothing details I have ever seen. It makes me want to sew reproduction historical pieces- I have zero reason to sew an historical garment other than the pure fun and frustration of it. I would love to find more books like this- there must be a series- of clothing from different time periods, especially modern couture pieces. Let the search ensue!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Halloween 2007!

Kodak Moment!
Originally uploaded by ivanaskwith
I'm seriously considering making these costumes for Husband and myself. This pic is from a Flickr member ivanaskwith and was taken at ComicCon.

This is a seriously intense crafty undertaking, I think it's fun to set my ambitions very high, because it's fun to dream and try.

*this will not be the last Halloween entry before Halloween, I do so love it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thrifty finds

I've been on a huge vintage/thrift store kick for a couple weeks. I'm thinking about maybe doing some reselling eventually on eBay, but for now I'm just having fun hunting for stuff.

I came across a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress, unfortunately not one of her wrap dresses, but silk nonetheless, and $5.99!

I also found a plaid vintage top. I don't think I have the personality to pull it off, but it is very cute. It's by Rio Blouse.

Another dress, there's no brand tag but there's a small tag that says Lot 5. It almost looks homemade. I tried it on after I got home, and again, not sure if I can pull it off...still very cute, though.

I also found 2 pairs of heels. One is a maroon pair of peep-toe Hush Puppies, and the other pair is by Made in Brazil, they are a brown leather peep-toe with a wooden heel. I'm keeping both pairs, for sure.