Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doing my (little) part

It's sad but true; what really got me motivated to attempt a greener life is the price of gasoline. Maybe that's the American way, we pay attention once our wallets feel the pinch. I guess the reason for the decision to live greener is probably not what matters though, what matters is that I'm trying to do my part by taking (baby) steps to reduce my carbon footprint.

The Husband and I have started buying food locally as often as we can. We buy our meat (yes, we still will be consuming meat) at an amazing farmers market from a quirky farmer who tells great jokes and his elderly mother who has that dry Maine wit so common with that generation. I also bought a half share of a CSA which is part of the University of Maine's Sustainable Agriculture program. Starting in June I will go to the farm once a week to pick up organic vegetables, and I can't wait!

I started taking the bus. While it's not as green as walking or biking it's certainly better than driving alone in my car.

We replaced our light bulbs with CFLs- and we are probably the last people I know who haven't done this already.

I started taking Navy showers, cold but worth it, I think.

I read Colin Beavan's blog No Impact Man, definitely one of the most inspirational blogs I've read. It keeps me motivated and he is always providing his readers with ways to be green and be active about being green.

And as I love crafting, I also have been searching the Internet for ideas for green crafts. Crafters and DIYers are resourceful by nature and, I think, have always been pioneers of figuring out ways to reuse thing that might otherwise become trash. Here's a small collection of links about recycled materials for crafting:

Recycling yarn from old sweaters:
Recycled yarn

Recycling wool:
Sew Green Recycled Slippers
Two Green Chickens Recycling Wool Sweaters

Various materials:
A Little Hut
Sew Green

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